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    Basic pixel art tutorial for creative Minecraft

    Apparently pixel art is popular again, especially with recent sandbox games like Mojang's infamous indie game Minecraft.  If you're reading this article, chances are you like pixel art and would like to build something amazing in creative mode on Minecraft.  Thought I'd make a little basic tutorial to get you started with creating your own custom design.  Copying other pixel template designs is all well and good but its always good idea to be original to stand out from the crowd.

    This tutorial will not teach you how to draw nor how to come up with creative ideas, but will show you how to get started.
    There are millions of players who play Minecraft and chances are if there's a pixel art template out there then it's been created.  So rather than just trying to build something in Minecraft let's start by designing our template with pixel image software.  Fire up your favourite app of choice, there are lots to choose from if you don't have one.  For example; http://makepixelart.com/free/ or just Google pixel art creator, you don't have one to use this type of software, Photoshop or Gimp will do just fine.

    Step 1; The Outline

    Ok so you have an idea.  Start by doing a black outline, I'm using 20x20 pixel image.  Note: be sure to keep your image symmetrical.  If your start with a black outline no amount of polishing will save you.
    Minecraft pixel art outline tutouial
    Pixel art outline tutouial

    Step 2; Basic Colour

    Fill in the outline with basic colours making sure the colours are bright and vivid enough but keep in mind the available Minecraft blocks.
    Minecraft pixel art basic colour tutouial
    Pixel art basic colour tutouial

    Step 3; Shadows & texture

    For each basic colour pick a darker or lighter version for shadowing and texturing.  Try to image a directed light source.
    Minecraft pixel art basic colour shadow tutouial
    Pixel art basic colour shadow tutouial

    Step 4; Coloured outline

    To finish up colour the black outline keeping in mind the light source.  Normally light on top and darker the lower you go but keep it darker than the base colour.
    Pixel art basic outline colour tutouial
    Pixel art basic outline colour tutouial
    Actual size of pixel template
    Minecraft Steve pixel art
    Minecraft Steve 
    Now we have our pixel art template we can finally fire up Minecraft.  Carefully pick the Minecraft blocks that suet your template colours.  Now just build away.
    Minecraft in game pixel art building
    Minecraft in game pixel art building
    Hope this helps you, enjoy and have fun, see you soon.


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