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Ten Epic Minecraft Castles For Inspiration

Here are ten screenshot's of the best mind blowing Minecraft castles to get your creative juice's flowing.  
The 10 epic kingdoms have been plucked from around the internet as some of our favourite Minecraft creative builds.  Some of the images below have been rendered in a desired 3D Suite such as Blender and 3DS Max to get the cool affects, shaders and such like.

dragon castle tall ships epic build inspiration
Dragon style castle with tall ships, image rendered
Island castle build idea epic inspiration building
Sweet little island castle build, image rendered
Chinese epic kingdom castle build inspiration
Chinese style castle kingdom
Skyrim castle building kingdom mountain
Skyrim style castle kingdom on mountain
Fantasy kingdom, Minecraft castle build
Fantasy kingdom, Minecraft castle build, image rendered
Medieval style castle kingdom creative inspiration
Medieval style castle kingdom, rendered image
Castle ruin kingdom epic creative inpiration
Castle ruin 
European fantasy style castle kingdom
European fantasy style castle kingdom   
Church style castle kingdom epic build
Church style castle kingdom 
Church style castle kingdom, epic building
Church style castle kingdom, epic building
The only thing's stopping you from doing anything like this is your time and imagination.  Got an epic castle you think we should see, then just link it in comments bellow. 


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