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Inspirational Minecraft arena buildings ideas

In this article you will find some great inspiration and tips for your next Minecraaft arena building.  Epic stadiums ideas for slaughtering your friends 
What ever you need a Minecraft arena for, this is the place to get started with inspirational ideas and tips.

When starting your stadium building keep in mind what you're trying to achieve and what purpose
 is the arena for, PVP, spliff, mob pit, quest arena with traps or is it just for creative show.
We all know what a standard stadium looks like, round lower stage with thousands of seats, but unless its just for show do you really don't need to spend hours building seats/platform that are not likely to be used, after all less is more as they say.  Try adding some simple balcony's for the spectators, maybe colour each balcony for teams or towns.

When designing your arena stage don't be boring by just having a sand area to fight in, try adding things like a death pit in the middle, this could have anything in it, long fall that will kill you, lava, creeper/zombie spawner's or maybe a bottomless pit were you fall out the world.
Try adding traps around the arena, random cactus, pressure plate with TNT or anything else that will inflicted heart damage.

Use the images below for Minecraft arena inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Gladiator arena with lava pit and platforms
Inspirational Minecraft gladiator arena buildings ideas
Inspirational Minecraft gladiator arena buildings ideas
Zombie pit arena Minecraftblog.me YouTube Zombie pit video
fpsxgames Minecraft blog server map zombie pit arena
Zombie pit arena
Great idea to use a creek from a map seed for a arena, good for team death match 
Battle creek arena
Battle creek arena
Capture the flag arena with coloured teams
Capture the flag arena
Capture the flag arena
mob arena minecraft stadium
Mob arena
Minecraft Ice hockey arena
Ice hockey anyone?
Enclosed arena
Enclosed arena
Epic medieval arena
Epic medieval arena
Colosseum style stadium
Colosseum style stadium
Medieval fantasy arena
Medieval fantasy arena
Hope this was all helpful to get you started, if you have any question then please comment below.